Extensions are applications that run on top of Meem agreements. Extensions can be just about anything, from a discussion forum to a community managed Twitter feed.
Within the context of the Meem app, we have developed our own design language centered around providing a consistent experience for all extensions. We are working on the ability for you to make use of the extensions architecture outside of the meem app. Watch this space!

Extension structure

Today, extensions are a combination of APIs, custom logic and one or all of the following components:
Extension Widget The widget is the main component to display your extension's content or functionality on the home page of your community. Think of it as the "heads up display" view of your extension's content and a place to surface the most relevant information provided by your extension.

Extension Settings

All extensions support generic settings such as visibility for community members. We are working on the ability for you to provide custom settings in this modal.

Extension Pages

If you need additional space for functionality or content, you can build any additional pages you'd like for your extension using specific page routes, such as /e/discussions/. this might include content creation forms, content detail pages, and so on.
Custom Extension Page (Discussions Extension post page seen here.)