Effortless access management and collaborative publishing tools for your online community.

What is Meem?

Meem offers a simple (no-code) solution to create a web3 online community. In addition, we've created a suite of tools (community extensions) to help you and your members collaborate through custom applications and integrations.
Under the hood, a Meem community is just one use case of the Smart Contracts developed by the Meem Team. Meem creates a unique smart contract for your community (aka Community Agreement) that you own. That means if you want to customize it, you can!

What can I do with my Meem community?

Manage Community Members Add or remove community members from your community membership settings page. You can also delegate admin privilages to your community agreement.
Seamless On-Chain Transactions By delegating admin privileges of your Community Agreement to Meem, you can perform a variety of on-chain tasks without you or your members having to deal with signing multiple transactions or paying gas fees. You can easily remove Meem as an admin at any time.
Roles By creating Roles for your community, you can manage member access and permissions across applications built on Meem. Also, since roles are unique smart contracts owned by your community, you can use your community roles to manage access to a number of other web3 applications outside of Meem.
Collaborate with Extensions Meem is working on a library of community extensions that will provide tools for community collaboration within the Meem website or a number of external applications.

How can I build an extension for my Meem community?

Have an idea for an extension that you'd like to build for your Meem Community? You're in luck, we've open-sourced our website and offer developers the ability to build custom extensions for Meem. See Building an Extension for more information.