I am a...


You create things. Maybe you build communities. Maybe you create art. The first Meem protocol implementation is called Meem - where groups of humans can organize themselves.
Join or create your own community at:


Glad you're here! We need better UI / UX experiences for web3. You're looking to build on top of a smart contract platform that lets you focus on the important things.
  1. 1.
    A polished web frontend for communities of any kind
  2. 2.
    A powerful SDK to build dApps and extensions for communities
  3. 3.
    Tools to deploy, upgrade, and manage your contract
  4. 4.
    Open source contracts with new features releases you can upgrade your contract to
  5. 5.
    GraphQL API to easily query data without needing to read and store yourself
Build with the Meem App
Clone the Meem Web app from this link:
Then follow the instructions to get Meem running locally.
Build on our contracts
Start out by deploying a contract at:
Then use that contract you just deployed to mint or create your own site with the React SDK.
If you want to start customizing the contract yourself you can use your Clubs contract (or deploy a new one) and manage upgrades with Ethereum Package Manager at:

Solidity Developer

You're looking for a set of contracts that you can fork or extend with your own custom functionality. Come say hello on discord! We'd love to hear what you're building and see if we can collaborate.